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Back to School: Get Inspired & Stay Motivated this Semester

Procrastination & motivation are things that every student will struggle with at some point during their school careers & are things that certainly don't come naturally to me either. That's why I've put together this lists of handy tips & tricks to help you start this school year right!

How I plan on keeping IT together this 2018/2019 School year:

  1. I have an app that keeps track of projects, homework and tests (you can also enter your class schedule, teacher or lecturer information, holidays and grades). I enter all my assignments into the app when I get them and I have a rule that I cannot go to bed with more than 10 assignments. This works really well because the goal is a defined quantity and easy to keep track of.

  2. Think about your future. When I'm feeling particularly demotivated, I will research Universities and course options (you can also try thinking about your future lifestyle or career). This helps to remind me why I need to work and makes it feel like I'm working towards something bigger than just one grade or test result.

  3. Make sure that your desk or study environment is organized and uncluttered. Make sure that you have all the supplies you need to get your work done so that you're not interrupted each time you need to find something. Put up a pinboard or some pictures on your wall - it is important that you enjoy being at your desk.

  4. Print out some templates that you love and buy some really nice pens. Having nice stationery that you look forward to using can make studying slightly less boring and maybe even a little enjoyable. Here are some of my free student printables that you might want to try.

  5. Make a study playlist. If you really don't enjoy studying, try to relate it to something you do enjoy, like your favorite band. Not only does listening to music while you work help to make studying a little less boring, but it can actually make your brain more responsive to the work that you're studying.

  6. Get yourself some study snacks! Sipping coffee from your favorite mug & munching on a cookie can really make studying much more enjoyable. If you need some study snack ideas, check out this blog post: All the Study Snacks you need for Finals

  7. Take advantage of the many students just like you. My favorite way to get inspired before studying is to check out notes made by other students. Follow some studygrams on Instagram or check out Pinterest (just type in Pretty Study Notes). Seeing really cool fonts, banners or note making techniques often makes me want to get home and try them out for myself.

Good luck & happy studying xx

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