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Free Downloads & Printables designed for students

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Calculus Cheat Sheet.png

Calculus Formula Sheet

This formula sheet covers all the essential of limits, derivatives & integration for high school & college calculus.

Weekly Action Plan.png

Weekly Action Plan (For online learning)

If you're new to distance learning, this template will help you to allocate time for online lectures, studying & working on assignments.

Daily To-Do List.png

Daily to-do list

These daily to-do lists are perfect for planning a productive day.

2023 Calendar BW.png

2023 Calendar

Every student needs this classic calendar for keeping track of their commitments.

Project Planner.png

Project Planner

The perfect way to keep track of all the elements of a project (especially if it's a group project!)

Weekly Overview.png

Week Overview

Perfect for planning your week, managing your tests & assignments & remembering your extracurricular activities.

Study Organizer.png

Study Organizer

Use this template to manage your assignments, readings & academic commitments.

College Comparison.png

College Comparisons Printable

The perfect printable to help you choose the perfect college. Easily compare prices, courses, degrees & other factors in this BIG decision.

Cornell Notes.png

Cornell Notes Template

The solution for taking notes in class or lectures.

Organic Chemistry Printable.png

Organic Chemistry Template

This template is for all the chem students. It provides an easy outline for all your organic compound diagrams.

Trig Cheat Sheet.png

Trigonometry Formula Sheet

A summary of trigonometric formulas & identities for high school & college mathematics - complete with graphs!

2024 Calendar portrait.png

2024 Calendar Portrait

The essential SmartGirl calendar in portrait...

Test & Assignment Tracker.png

Test & Assignment Tracker

This little list will help you keep track of your tests & assignments for different modules, as well as their weightings & your grades. (perfect for college students)


Definitions Printable

Ideal for subjects like science & geography, which have large amounts of terminology.

Essay Plan.png

Essay Planner

This Printable is perfect for planning any type of essay - for English or even Science!

Daily Planner.png

Daily Breakdown

These planners are an essential for any girl on the go. Keep track of your schedule, to do list & deadlines all in one place.

Study Planner.png

Custom Study Planner

Customize this blank study planner with the dates of your choice.

Case Study.png

Case Study Template

This template is ideal for Geography students as well as any course which involves a large volume of case studies...

Meal Planner.png

Meal Planner Template

This meal planner is an essential for any college girl - the perfect way to budget & make eating healthily easy!

Periodic Table.png

Periodic Table Download

This one is for all the Chem students out there - finally an attractive periodic table!

Hourly Study Plan.png

Hourly Study Planner

This planner will help you to organize every hour of your day. It's especially helpful for students transitioning to distance learning for the first time.

2024 Calendar_edited.jpg

2024 Calendar

This calendar is a student essential for 2024...

2023 Calendar Colour.png

2023 Colour Calendar

Calendars are a student essential when it comes to staying organized. Be sure to download this one for 2023!


Formula Printable

The perfect way to summarize Math, Physics & Chemistry formulas.

Weekly Plan.png

Weekly Planner

This weekly planner includes a shopping list, birthday tracker, assignments list & notes section.

Study Timetable.png

Study Timetable

Prep for mid-years or finals using this 7 day study timetable.

Content Summary.png

Subject / Course Summary

Keep track of the notes you've made for each course & how much revision you still need to do.

Math Notes.png

Math Notes Template

These templates are perfect for explaining mathematical concepts to add to your study notes.

Block Paper.png

Block Paper Printable

This pale grey grid paper is perfect for taking notes with diagrams or graphs.

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